Moment Video Server
Live streaming made easy.
Quick Start

To install and run Moment VS, follow this quick start guide. For more detailed information, refer to the documentation.

1. Installation

Download Moment VS installation package.

Unpack the archive into /opt directory with the following command:

tar -C /opt -xzf moment_13-05-13_linux32.tar.gz

/opt/moment directory will be created as the result. This directory contains server's files.

2. Configuration

Edit configuration file /opt/moment/moment.conf to set the list of video streams which will be served. Config example:

mod_gst {
    sources {
        "news"   = ""
        "nature" = "mms://"

Fill in the playlist for MyPlayer web app by editing /opt/moment/myplayer/playlist.json
For each entry in the playlist, three parameters are given: channel name, server address, and internal video stream name. Example:

  [ "News",       "rtmp://", "news" ],
  [ "Wild Nature", "rtmp://", "nature" ],

3. Running

Run the videoserver with the following command:


You can make the server start automatically on system startup using mechanisms specific to your Linux distribution.

Setup is complete! You can now watch video from Moment's web page: http://localhost:8080/moment/

Подробную информацию о настройке видеосервера можно найти в руководстве пользователя.

Moment Video Server 1.4
Windows 32-bitalpha
Follow these quick instructions
to get Moment VS up and running.